Best Bong in 2020 - Ganjly

My Bud Vase™ Ganjly
We're always so excited to be featured in Ganjly round-ups and reviews; and, what an honor to be on the Best Bongs of 2020 list. 
My Bud Vase is the leading water pipe in the market. It has won various design awards as every bong is beautiful as it is very functional. Founder and designer, Doreen Sullivan, has created elegant works of art in all of her My Bud Vases. Many of her creations are inspired by her travels, each one with a beautiful history and story to share. It can be easily concealed in plain sight. When not in use, place these vase-themed water pipes with removable faux flowers in any part of your house as decor. It is hard not to fall in love with these water pipes. My Bud Vase has become the high-class glass solution for smoking.
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