How to Sesh in Style - Mary Jane Experience

Here at My Bud Vase™ we are on a mission to make smoking beautiful. We have created vase bongs to fit everyone's personal style and home decor! Do you love bright colors and lean towards an eclectic home style? You might love one of our best sellers - Aurora! Maybe you lean towards a modern and minimalist vibe; then, you might like our Coyote or The DeAngelo. Do you consider yourself a girly girl and love all things pink? Don't hesitate, fly on over and check out Flamingo. Can't get enough of mermaids? Yemaya is our newest custom vase bong and is ready to swim your way. Whatever your style, taste or budget we have a vase bong for you and The Mary Jane Experience agrees! 
We are in wonderful company on The Mary Jane Experience's round-up of 10 Brands to keep you consuming in style.