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Betsy - “You’re a grand old flag , You’re a high flying flag”

If your patriotic heart bleeds red, white and blue then our gal Betsy is the My Bud Vase bong for you!

With bright bold stripes on the neck and a cheery red body Betsy evokes patriotic feelings from the moment you lay eyes on her. Your Memorial Day and Fourth of July celebrations will never be the same once Betsy is added to your guest list! Parades will be more fun , Bands will sound better, Hot Dogs will taste juicier, the fireflies will burn brighter. As American as Fireworks , Apple Pie and Beer.. meet Betsy ! ‘Merica est. 1776


Ceramic Vase with gorgeous red, white and dichroic blue blown glass bowl. 

H: 10.5"  W: 6.5"