Bella Luna

Bella Luna

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Bella Luna is a beautiful girl who is unaware of how much light and beauty she brings into a world full of darkness. She is infinitely more special than she gives herself credit for, always helping those in need and being an amazing friend to everyone. This large silver beautiful vase bong stands tall and proud, illuminating the world around her. 

Bella Luna is a dimpled ceramic bong vase coated in a brilliant silver finish that shines brightly. Her bulb-shaped base and long neck make her a showpiece for your home décor and your next sesh. 

Bella Luna comes with an iridescent swirled bubble bowl and 2 lilac flower pokers (one feathered, one bunched). 

My Bud Vase™ loves you to the moon and back. 

H: 15 inches  W: 6 inches