Ceremonial X Cannabliss Retreats Limited Edition 4/10

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My Bud Vase was asked to collaborate with the Cannabis Priestess, Sari Starr to create some ceremonial smoking vessels in honor of her upcoming Sprit of Cannabis retreat in Jamaica. People come from all over the world to learn about Cannabis and partake in spiritual and ceremonial rituals with and for the plant. Inspired by these global retreats and imagining the transformative power of a ceremonial gatherings is what this limited collection is all about.  I had found these unique earthen Peruivan Huako vessels. They are imported from Peru and are modeled after ancient artifacts from ceremonial gatherings. Each one is has unique markings and feels primitive.  Each one is a reminder that the world has many treasures for us to create from and appreciate daily. As I envisioned this ceremonial gathering, and the opportunity to consume cannabis together for the purpose of finding our collective higher self, I felt my spirit come alive and begin to dance. The journey to the spirit is different for all of us.  Some find their spirit comes alive through prayer, some through song, some through sounds, some through movement. That’s why ceremonies are so important and why I wanted to pair a handmade Maraca with each vessel.  So when the spirit of cannabis moves you, you can move with it.  You can create your own song and share the riches of this world with you own tribe.

Includes hand blown matte black bowl with etched flame. Includes Maraca 

H: 7 inches W: 5.5 inches 

***due to the nature of the Peruvian Clay we recommend these limited edition pieces be used outside or stored after usage on a tray or decorative plate.  The Huako clay can seep, not leak, but seep, causing a slight wetness.  This is normal with this earthen material that in ancient times were used to share liquids in ceremony.  We either recommend emptying your vessel after usage or storing it on a surface that would not get damaged or stained. This is a fully functioning My Bud Vase™ that is both artistic and decorative.