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A Touchdown of Tranquility: Blending Femininity, Cannabis, and Super Bowl Festivities


Cannabis and the Super Bowl, two of my favorite things! And they’re coming together again, in Las Vegas, just the third time the Super Bowl will be played in a state where cannabis is legal! This time it’s even more personal- My Bud Vase is headquartered in Vegas and so am I, having just moved here...for awhile😊 

This will be my seventh Super Bowl that I’ve been a part of in some special way.  In my before-the-bong career with my creative agency, I had the honor to work with ESPN on their high-profile VIP events, which included 5 Super Bowls. This year since the big game is in Vegas, my clients at ESPN reached out and asked me put the vases down for a minute and create some party magic for them. Check this out and see what I made for their lounge.  I’m proud of this because it was a challenge and opportunity for me to find some resources here in Vegas to create with. 

My Bud Vase Super Bowl Center Piece

NFL Players and Cannabis: The Latest

For starters, the NFL and the NFL Players Association are deeply studying marijuana for pain management, a potential game-changer for players battling chronic aches and injuries.

Can NFL players use cannabis in the off-season? Yep! The NFL recently relaxed its rules on cannabis. In season, It’s no longer listed as a banned substance, and players generally won’t be tested outside a 2-week window at the start of training camp unless there is suspicion of abuse or if a player is in the substance abuse program. The NFL also raised the threshold for triggering a positive test, making it much easier to pass. A positive test no longer means automatic suspension. The NFL’s focus is increasingly on treatment and support rather than punishment.

Doreen Sullivan

At last year’s big game, My Bud Vase sponsored a golf tournament to support a group called Gridiron Greats, which among other things reinforces the need for players to use cannabis for pain management and emotional relief. These players are on a mission to make sure the NFL understands their choice to medicate with cannabis rather opiates or other prescriptions. They’re teeing off this year too and we welcome you to support this great cause if you find it in your heart to do so.  

Is there a Travis-Taylor connection? You bet.

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s BF and Super Bowl-bound Kansas City Chiefs tight end, had to sit out the entire 2010 college season after he tested positive for cannabis. Now he openly talks about weed and wellness.

How many NFL players get high? 

Kelce estimates that 50-80% of NFL players use cannabis. Wanna watch some top athletes light up? Here you go. 

Who else in the NFL advocates for adult cannabis use?

Lots of folks! We’ve chosen just six former NFL stars for our My Bud Vase Cannabis Hall of Fame! Awarded to players who have distinguished themselves by promoting and investing in the plant.

Jim McMahon the former Super Bowl winning quarterback and longtime cannabis advocate. He owns Revenant, a “proud athlete activist cannabis brand.”

Joe Montana, another NFL legend, is invested in Caliva and Herb. “I sleep like a baby” from cannabis balm.
Rob Gronkowski, retired Super Bowl great is partnered with Abacus Health, a CBD-focused company. Gronk endured nine surgeries and says he’s finally pain-free because of  CBD.
Ricky Williams, Heisman trophy winner, owns Highsman (get it?) a cannabis lifestyle brand. Those 10,000 rushing yards? He credits the relief he got from cannabis.
Marshawn” Lynch, Super Bowl Champ,  launched Dodi Blunts, an innovative cannabis brand that hires apprentices previously incarcerated for marijuana offenses. Also he reportedly lit a blunt with the Al Davis Memorial Torch.
Travis Kelce, because he speaks out about cannabis and we can’t stop fantasizing about  him lighting up with Tay Tay. 

At last year's Super Bowl, I noticed enthusiastic drinkers at sports bars and smokers at "cannabis hotels.” I wonder if this year we’ll all come together somehow. I really hope so. 

Super Bowl in Las Vegas 2024 Happenings

If you’re heading to Vegas for the big game and want to bring together sports and cannabis - here’s the buzz on cannabis-centric Super Bowl celebrations:

Planet 13, the largest dispensary in the world (and My Bud Vase retailer!) is holding an epic tailgate party at their ginormous entertainment complex Saturday February 10, 2-6 pm. Meet and greet with the aforementioned Super Bowl star and cannabis purveyor Ricky Williams will be there at 4 pm.Watch the big game at Planet 13 and enjoy food and bar specials at this mammoth tourist destination.
The Lexi, a famously cannabis-friendly hotel, sold out for months, has rooms on their specially ventilated 4th floor, where consumption is allowed. 
Nuwu, home to Sky High, the first cannabis lounge in Las Vegas, is sure to be lit.
 LV Cannabis Tours is planning “fun, trippy” tours.
Check Weedmaps for nearby dispensaries or deliveries.

    If you are here for the game or planning on visiting soon... enjoy this handy Cannabis Visitor’s Guide to Las Vegas and make sure to support the dispensaries. Go Team Cannabis!

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