My Bud Vase® is a beautiful addition to your home. Here’s what you need to know about loving your new treasure.

What is included your box?

  • Your Designer Vase: Say “Hello Beautiful” to your newest decorative functional art piece.
  • Your Fixed Single Downstem: A rubber grommet holds your stem tightly in place so your flowers are secure.
  • Your Bowl: Custom-made for your vase and designed for the display of beautiful flowers. If you’ve got a lot of flowers to display or extra bowls are your thing, we’ve got you covered.  Check out the Accessories page for more pieces that fit your ornamental vase.
  • Your Floral Arrangement:  We’ve curated faux decorative flowers that add beauty to your ornamental vases. They have a long, narrow stem that can be used to clean out debris from old flowers. Some of your flower stems are too big and beautiful to use for cleaning, so we’ve included an additional flower poker.
  • Your Certificate of Authenticity:  Welcome!  You are now a member of the My Bud Vase® family and the owner of a treasured, limited-edition decorative functional art piece
  1. Faux Flower/Poker
  2. Ornamental Vase
  3. Fixed Single Downstem
  4. Bowl
  5. Certificate of Authenticity

How do you maintain the beauty of an ornamental vase and keep it clean?

  • Empty the vase:  When not in use with flower, remove all water from the ornamental vase.
  • Mix it up: To remove any residue, debris, dirt or other matter, use a little isopropyl rubbing alcohol (we prefer 91%) and coarse salt (rock or ice cream salt work great, but regular table salt works as well) – use ¼c isopropyl alcohol or less depending on the size of your ornamental vase and 4-5 tbsp. of salt.
  • Seal it up:  Seal any openings with your hands,Shake it up and repeat until all residue(s) appear to be removed.  
  • Rinse it out:  Rinse the vase with warm water (not boiling or extremely hot).   We strongly discourage putting the ornamental vase in a dishwasher or washing along with other items as that may damage the piece.
  • Save The Solution:  Solution can be reused to clean multiple ornamental vases and additional pieces.

How do you store your My Bud Vase®?

My Bud Vase® is exceptional because its designed to be home decor…and so much more!   Your piece can be on display or discrete, the choice is yours.   Put your vase and flower bouquet on display and head out the door. 
Our relationship with you  is the most valuable asset in our company, and our customer service reflects that. BEFORE ASSEMBLING your My Bud Vase® for the first time, check to make sure there are no missing parts, or damages from shipping. While this is extremely rare, on occasion it has happened. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and are here for every step of this journey with you. If you have ANY ISSUES OR QUESTIONS AT ALL, email We care that much about giving you a perfect experience