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Mar 3, 2024

Elegant Empowerment: My Bud Vase's Comprehensive Guide to Bongs with Flair

In the enchanting world of bongs, variety is as rich as our experiences. Bongs come in diverse materials, each with its own charm and functionality. A timeless classic, glass offers purity of taste and elegant transparency, making it a favorite among many. 

Feb 11, 2024

A Touchdown of Tranquility: Blending Femininity, Cannabis, and Super Bowl Festivities

Cannabis and the Super Bowl, two of my favorite things! And they’re coming together again, in Las Vegas, just the third time the Super Bowl will be played in a state where cannabis is legal! This time it’s even more personal- My Bud Vase is headquartered in Vegas and so am I, having just moved here...for awhile

Jan 19, 2024

Cannabis For Self-Care: A Guide for Every Decade

Welcoming the New Year with Cannabis-Infused Self-Care   Happy New Year, Beautiful! Much as I love the holiday season rituals of giving—and oh how I do love them— I also appreciate January as a time to turn inward and give ourselves the gift of self-care. In that spirit, we took a deep dive into cannabis research and reached out to doctors on the cutting edge of cannabis for self-care. Here's our guide to incorporating the plant into your wellness journey decade by decade.

Sep 6, 2023

3 Tips to Help CannaMoms Savor the Moment

Seeking out joy is essential, otherwise all we encounter is the sorrow in life. Joy needs to be sought and then savored. Here's 3 ways I savor the moment as a cannamom.

Aug 24, 2023

Celebrating The 8th Anniversary of Doreen's Hide the Bong Dance

Eight years ago, I had my final ‘Hide the Bong’ dance. At that moment, I knew I had to break the stigma & beautify consumption—so I started upcycling vintage vases into beautiful bongs. Today, we're coming full circle with 30 new OOAKs!

Jul 20, 2023

Doreen’s Top 5 Tips for Product Development in The Cannabis Industry

Ever wonder what it takes to develop a profitable product in the cannabis industry—without breaking the bank? Check out this new video for my top 5 tips on how to add value to your product without running up costs...

May 31, 2023

How to Throw a Cannabis Garden Party: 5 Tips for an Enchanting Summer Weed Party

Summer is here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a cannabis garden party. Here's 5 tips you won't want to forget to make sure your weed party on-trend & unforgettable.

May 4, 2023

13 Essentials for Cannamoms: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is almost here! If you're scrambling to find a gift, look no further. We've rounded up 13 essential gifts that every cannamom MUST have!

Apr 26, 2023

7 Hacks to Hide The Smell of Weed

Yes, our bongs are discreet! But no matter how subtle your cute bong is, the room it's in can still retain that dank aroma. So how do you hide the smell? Here's 7 tried & tested hacks!

Apr 5, 2023


As 420 approaches, it’s high time to explore new cannabis consumption methods. So today I’m showing you how to perfect the classics: joints, blunts, hand pipes—and my personal favorite—bongs! 

Mar 22, 2023

Clean Your Bong in a Pinch with Household Items! Here’s 3 Ways

It’s now official—Spring has sprung! …And you still haven’t cleaned your bong? Have no fear, your Fairy Pot Mother is here to share some tried & tested bong cleaning hacks using everyday household items! 🧚‍♀️

Mar 15, 2023


Be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your bong? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us! 😉 If you’ve been putting it off, this is your sign to get into cleaning mode! Here's how in 7 simple steps...
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