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As 420 approaches, it’s high time to explore new cannabis consumption methods outside of your usual routine!

So today, your Fairy Pot Mother is back with a tutorial on The Art of Consumption 🧚‍♀️

As the legal cannabis market continues to grow, there are always SO many new and exciting ways to enjoy kush….from simple flower, to edibles, to waxes, resin & beyond! 

And while exploring these can be lots of fun, they can get pricey fast & take some time to master. 

(Don’t get me wrong I’m a product developer so I LOVE new products, but not all of them are as functional as one would hope.)

They can also be hard to titrate at first, which can lead to some uncomfortable sesh’s if you accidentally over-do it. 😵‍ #oopsie

That’s why I like to keep it simple. So today I’m showing you how to perfect the classics: joints, blunts, hand pipes—and my personal favorite—bongs! 

 How to Smoke Weed - The Art of Consumption

No matter how many new smoking options appear on the market, these are the tried & tested cannabis consumption methods I always come back to.

So pull up a chair! Whether you’re new to Pot Culture, or you’re ready to explore something different, today we’re going to turn you from a weed smoking novice into a budding expert.

Let’s get rolling!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Herb grinder
  • Flower (you’ll need the most for blunts, at least 2+ grams)
  • Lighter or matches
  • A rolling tray for easy cleanup! 
  • A joint roller (optional)
  • Rolling papers or blunt wrappers & tips
  • Your bong of choice (here are some recommendations) 😉
  • A glass hand pipe

How to Roll a Joint

The upside: Rolling a joint takes some time & skill, but there’s little-to-no cleanup afterward—and it’s easy to carry one on-the-go. Just roll, pocket & you’re out the door!

The downside: Joints waste a lot of weed. You might lose some in the rolling, but the biggest loss will be as you puff, puff, pass it around because joints keep blazing even if you’re not actively smoking them.

How to roll joints and blunts

If you’re in the mood for a joint, follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Remove any remaining seeds or stems from your flower—you’ll need about a third of a gram per joint. Then use an herb grinder to grind up the weed. This helps your herb burn more evenly.

2. Hold the rolling paper by its length with the adhesive side facing away from you. If using a filter tip, hold it in place with your thumb at one end of the paper.

Then sprinkle your flower down the middle until the center of the paper is covered evenly from one end to the other…..but avoid over-stuffing it!

3. Pinch both sides of the rolling paper into a taco shape. Start rolling the joint back & forth with your thumbs and index fingers to start forming a cylindrical shape.

Then gently tuck the non-adhesive side of the paper over the weed, toward the adhesive side.

4. Give the adhesive a lick to activate it, starting from the end with the filter tip, and seal that sucker up!

5. Finally, pop any flower that fell out back into the end of your joint. Twist the end to seal, and voila!

To light it up, hold the joint gently in between the front of your lips….and don’t don’t slobber on it! You laugh but it happens, and then it’s gross to share.

Inhale as you put it to the flame to jump start the burn. 

Pro Tip: While filter tips aren’t required, I highly recommend them as they prevent little bits of weed from flying in your mouth & ruining the vibe. 😖

You can find pre-folded tips in smoke shops everywhere, as well as ones you can fold up yourself to your preferred size.

A small piece of paper, cardboard, or even a piece of raw spiral pasta works in a pinch, too! 🙌 

How to Roll a Blunt

The upside: Blunts tend to be bigger, so if you’re in the mood for a heavier sesh, blunts can be ideal! And like joints, blunts are light on clean up….and highly portable!

The downside: Like joints, you’ll waste quite a bit of weed as the fire keeps burning between tokes. Also, many blunt wrappers are made from tobacco, which some people prefer to avoid. (I personally prefer hemp blunt wrappers for this reason!)

Rolling a blunt is a lot like rolling a joint, but with a few small differences:

1. Use an herb grinder to grind up your flower, again picking out any seeds and stems. This makes the blunt burn evenly—because no one likes a canoeing blunt!

2. Hold the blunt wrap by its length, and if using a filter tip, hold it in place with your thumb at one end of the paper. Sprinkle the weed down the middle until the center of the paper is covered evenly from one end to the other.

3. Starting from the center of the blunt and working your way out toward the ends, tuck and roll the wrap into itself with your thumbs and forefingers. Continue tucking & rolling until your blunt forms the perfect shape!

4. Finally, activate the blunt wrap adhesive with a little lick, again starting from the center of the blunt working out to the ends. 👅

5. Gently pack any weed that fell out of the end back into the tip. And now it’s time to spark up! Bon appetit!

How to Smoke a Weed Pipe

The upside: Glass hand pipes are the most beginner-friendly way to consume cannabis and there are so many beautiful choices. But the best part is….they conserve weed! You only burn what you smoke.

The downside: The biggest downside to pipes? They get clogged very easily! They also require regular cleaning, and can hold onto flavors & aromas from whatever other herbs or strains you’ve previously smoked in it.  

Fun fact—our flower pokers work great on pipes as well, I always keep one handy because bobbie pins & paper clips are a pain in the ass to straighten for use!

How to Smoke weed with hand pipes

Smoking with a pipe is different sort of art than rolling up, here’s the breakdown:

1. Again, your grinder is your friend! Start by grinding your flower & removing seeds and stems.

2. Use your fingers or a small scoop to pack some weed into the pipe’s bowl—enough to fill it up roughly halfway.

Pro Tip: Smooth it out to a flat surface, but don’t pack it too tightly! Lumps and bumps can make the burn uneven. And packing too tightly won’t allow air to pass through.

3. Place the stem of the pipe in between your front lips (again don’t put it too far in your mouth…true sign of an amateur), put your lighter or torch to the bud, and inhale. The suction should pull the flame down into the weed, burning it & creating smoke.

4. Some weed pipes have a ‘carb,’ or a small hole on the side of the bowl.

Carbs help you to regulate the temperature and flow of your smoke. This prevents ‘tongue burn’ and an ashy taste.

If your pipe has a carb, just hold your finger over the hole as you perform Step 3, allowing the smoke to accumulate inside the pipe. Once done torching, remove your finger from the carb and inhale.

How to Use a Bong

The upside: Is there any better way to enjoy cannabis than with a bong? We think not!

With good reason—smoking from a bong is not only going to give you the biggest high for the least amount of weed…It’s also going to give you the cleanest, smoothest hit out of all the methods we’ve covered here!

This is because bongs use water as a filter, so the smoke you inhale contains fewer particles, giving you that oh-so-smooth smoke.

The downside: Bongs aren’t always portable & do need regular cleaning. Luckily, cleaning doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out chore! Cleaning a bong can be easy and breezy—I’ll show you how in my Ultimate Bong Cleaning Guide.

How to smoke a bong

To use a bong, just follow these 5 simple steps...or follow along with me in the video below:

1. Pour clean water (or Piece Water Solution to keep your pieces cleaner, longer!!)  into the main chamber of your piece.

Make sure the amount of water you use is enough to cover the bottom ⅓ of the downstem—which is the glass tube that holds your bowl and goes inside the bong to get into the water.

2. You know the drill! Grab your herb grinder, grind up your flower, and remove any seeds & stems!

3. Sprinkle your ground flower into the bong’s bowl, filling the bowl roughly halfway for yourself—or more if you’re lighting up with friends! Be sure you don’t pack your flower too tightly, or it will restrict airflow.

4. Now for the fun part! Cover the mouthpiece with your mouth completely—your lips should be inside the mouthpiece. Then hold a lighter or a torch over the bowl, and inhale. This pulls the flame into the weed, igniting it.

If the flame doesn’t pull towards the weed you should inhale a little stronger until it does.  

5. Keep torching your bowl & inhaling until the bong’s chamber is filled at least halfway with smoke. Then put down your lighter, pull the bowl out of the stem, and inhale deeply!

Pro Tip: If there’s more smoke than you can inhale in one toke, quickly cover the mouthpiece of the bong with your hand while you catch your breath. 

Once you’re ready to dive back in, remove your hand and quickly put your mouth back over the mouthpiece & take it all in!


Big thank you to the Closet Disco Queen Pot-cast for this one!


It’s true that my personal favorite method for how to smoke weed is a bong—I know, I’m biased! 

But I also started creating one-of-a-kind, upcycled vintage bongs for a reason…it’s always been my preferred way to spark up!

How do you practice The Art of Consumption? Now’s the best time to have some fun trying all these classic consumption methods & decide for yourself.

Each method fits a lifestyle choice, a setting, and a vibe—so don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own artistic path.

Send us a message or photo on Instagram & tell us your favorite way to smoke weed!

Happy toking! 🌿💨

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