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7 Hacks to Hide The Smell of Weed

7 Hacks to Hide The Smell of Weed

Our favorite day of the year—420 of course—always buzzes by in a blaze of glory. 

Whether you spend it at home with friends, or at a big event, there’s one thing that will always linger (besides the incredible memories).....the smell!

And while we love that dank smell as much as the next stoner, it can be inconvenient or downright problematic—especially when you’re trying to smoke incognito. 

Whether you’re renting, traveling, or trying to keep your roommate happy, there are so many places & spaces where we need to smoke with discretion.

And then there’s always the unexpected situations like a repair person coming over with little to no warning—which led me to my final “Hide the Bong Dance” and how My Bud Vase’s discreet vase-like bongs were originally born.

(Just turn it around, and stick your flower poker in it, and no one’s the wiser!) 😉

But no matter how subtle your cute bong is, the room it's in can still retain the odor. So how do you hide the smell of weed smoke?

Here’s 7 tried & tested hacks by stoners everywhere….and yes, they really work!

7 hacks to hide the smell of weed smoke, woman smoking a coyote my bud vase bong

1. Ventilate

Keep a window open while you smoke & let the breeze carry the smell away.

Keep in mind that this might also carry the smell where you don’t want it to go (like into your neighbor’s yard or apartment ), so this isn’t always the best option.


2. Use Plant or Essential Oils

Essential oil diffusers can help to hide the scent of weed. Candles, coffee grounds, and apple slices can help, too.

And you can also boil vinegar!! This will create an aroma that masks the scent of weed but you need to like the smell of vinegar 👃

But our personal favorite is this all-natural new lemon & clove scented spray, Pot~Pourri. We love this magical spray so much, we decided to start carrying it! 

Grab a bottle and try it for yourself. It smells so good, and it’s proven to eliminate weed or tobacco smells in the air or on fabrics! 

I keep a bottle in my bag and spray it on my clothes after a sesh because it smells fabulous.  

3. Invest in an Air Filter

Filtration also helps to reduce the smell over time—it’s a solid investment if you have a space you want consistently deodorized. This one is affordable & works great!

Though it is less likely to cover up the smell in a pinch—for that stick with a candle or spray!

4. Keep It Clean

The most obvious method for reducing weed smell is cleaning.

Nothing gets rid of a smell like nipping it at its source. Vacuuming is a good way to get rid of excess debris that causes an odor.

Washing and deodorizing fabrics is a must. You can also try white vinegar-–which you can also use to clean your glass bong—it’s acidic so it cleans well, but without the harshness of bleach.


5. Store Your Stash Properly

Proper storage can also prevent smells from roaming. Your basic lid-locked plastic containers or zip bags can help.

An old cigar box, or any wooden box, can also make for a great container—the wood retains the smell and it’s lidded to prevent moisture from escaping, keeping the contents nice & humid.

One of my favorite decorative ways to store weed is in these special violet glass apothecary jars. They’re gorgeous, and they preserve the contents…and keep the smell well contained too!

Mason jars are also a great, affordable option. Just be sure to avoid containers that are made from cloth as the fiber will absorb & hold the odors.


6. Make a Sploof...or Buy a Sploofy!

One of the oldest tricks in the Stoner Book! A sploof is a mini portable filtration tube that you create yourself from common household items. You can use anything that will filter smoke, like paper towels, or my personal favorite, dryer sheets.

To make a sploof, stuff as many dryer sheets as you can into a cardboard tube (from paper towels or toilet paper rolls). Then when you’re smoking, hold the tube up to your mouth, and exhale the smoke through the tube. Voila!

The sploof filters the smoke and majorly reduces any odors! 

If you don’t want to make one you can buy a Sploofy or a Sploofy Pro—it’s so handy, I highly recommend always having one on hand.


7. The Bathroom Trick

Another classic hack! Smoking in a bathroom is a great way to contain any odors & whisk them away.

Before your sesh, turn on the hot water and let the room fill with steam. Then turn on the overhead vent, and spark up. The steam will help to carry the weed smoke up & out of the ventilation.

Combine this trick with a sploof, and some Pot~Pourri spray, and your sesh is sure to fly under the radar!


There you have it! 7 tried and tested ways to hide the smell of weed smoke.

So much of this comes down to being strategic in how you store your stash, how often you clean up, and where you smoke. 

The choice to hide or not hide your consumption often depends on where you live and how you live. 

As the world slowly opens up to all the benefits of cannabis, we hope our vase bongs continue to normalize (and beautify!) your home consumption routines. 

We also hope these blogs give you the tips you need on your happy plant journey!

How do you smoke with discretion? We want to hear your tips! Tag us or send us a DM on Instagram and let us know.
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