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Clean Your Bong in a Pinch with Household Items! Here’s 3 Ways

Clean Your Bong in a Pinch with Household Items! Here’s 3 Ways

It’s now official—Spring has sprung! …And you still haven’t cleaned your bong??

No judgment here, friends! Not everyone has isopropyl alcohol or rock salt on hand at all times. Life happens!

But what’s a girl to do when it’s 4:15 and your friends are already on the way over? 😬

Have no fear, your Fairy Pot Mother is here to share some tried & tested bong cleaning hacks using everyday household items! 🧚‍♀️

Our secret to concocting a magical bong cleaning potion on the fly? 

To effectively clean a bong, you really only need 2 things: something acidic, and something abrasive.

And while we’ve found that the isopropyl/rock salt cleaning method we covered in the last blog works the best, all 3 of the methods covered below will work quickly in a pinch!

(However, if you have one of the dirtiest bongs on the planet—we recommend soaking your bong & bowl overnight in these all-natural cleaning solutions—if you’re able to!)


Doreen Smiling Cleaning Vintage Bong with Vinegar and Rice


All in all, each of these cleaning methods takes just a few minutes. They’re fast, easy, affordable & accessible…

And best of all, au natural baby. Just the way we like it!

If you can rummage up these items, they’ll also come in handy while you’re cleaning:

  • Plastic zip bags
  • Cotton balls, scraps of fabric, or an old (clean) sock—hey, it works!
  • Rubber bands
  • Q-tips, pipe cleaners…or a pipe brush if you want to get really fancy!
  • Rubber or latex gloves if you don’t like getting your hands dirty

Let's get started! Follow along with me in the video below as I clean one of my all-time favorite vintage Murano glass vases.

Or follow the step-by-step instructions below.



Vinegar & Rice

No, we’re not about to make sushi! (But if you wanted to afterwards, I wouldn’t blame you…)

Yes, you can clean your bong with vinegar and rice. This approach can be used with any glassware, and many of the steps are the same as when you’re using alcohol and coarse salt.

Any kind of raw rice will work, just don’t try using the parboiled kind that you microwave in plastic bags! 🤣 🤣

Because vinegar is mildly acidic, and rice is hard & coarse, together they act as a cleaning solution that loosens resin build-up in your bong and bowl. Magic!

Step 1: Remove the bowl from your vase bong and set it aside. Discard the used water in the main chamber.

Step 2: Inside your bong, mix one cup of rice, two tablespoons of white vinegar, and enough LUKEWARM (not hot!) water to fully cover the rice. Adjust the measurements as needed, depending on the size of your bong.

Step 3: Add the same cleaning mixture to a plastic bag, and soak your bong bowl while you finish cleaning your piece.

Step 4: Block off the bong’s downstem and mouthpiece with your hands or anything else you feel comfortable using—try using a rubber band to secure some fabric scraps over the openings! Works like a charm, but in a pinch, your hands will do just fine!

Do not leave the rice for too long. If you do, it will soften and lose its coarseness.

Step 5: Shake the bong vigorously, in all directions, to loosen and dissolve the resin build up. 👯‍♀️Give your bowl a good shake in it’s little baggie, too!

Step 6: Rinse out your bong & bowl thoroughly with LUKEWARM water. 

Do not put your glass or ceramic bong in the dishwasher and avoid using hot or boiling water—both may result in cracking or breaking. 

Going from hot to cold, or cold to hot, water can also cause your glassware to crack.

There you go. Now you have a usable bong for those last minute guests! 

You may need to repeat the steps if you feel the first mix didn’t quite get it all—but what’s another quick shake when you’re about to enjoy a fresh hit from a clean piece.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

The next method still uses white vinegar, but replaces the coarse salt or rice with baking soda as our abrasive agent. 

Baking soda is another common household item that often gets overlooked, but for all-natural cleaning purposes, I personally swear by it! And for bongs, it works fantastic.

The steps are a bit different this time, so listen up friends….

Step 1: As always, start by removing your bowl & discarding the water inside.

Step 2: Pour two teaspoons of white vinegar, two teaspoons of baking soda, and half a cup of LUKEWARM, not hot, water into the main chamber of your piece.

Remember to adjust the measurements as needed, depending on the size of your main chamber.

Step 3: Add the same cleaning mixture to a plastic bag, and soak your bong bowl while you finish cleaning your piece.

Step 4: Block off the downstem and the mouthpiece with your hands or anything else you have lying around, like cotton balls.

Step 5: Put on your favorite song, and get to shimmying! 💃 Shake, shake, shake the vase vigorously, in all directions, to loosen and dissolve the resin build up. Don’t forget to show your pipe some love too! Give it a good shake in its bag.

Step 6: Rinse your bong and bowl thoroughly with LUKEWARM water. 

Again, no matter how tempted you may be, do not put your bong in the dishwasher, unless your manufacturer says otherwise.

And baking soda saves the day again! Who knew that little yellow box in the back of your fridge could also double as your secret bud bestie 😉

Lemon Juice with Salt, Rice, or Baking Soda

No isopropyl alcohol or white vinegar on hand? Don’t worry, there’s one more common household item that’s probably lurking in your fridge or pantry…

Lemon juice! Like vinegar, lemon juice is mildly acidic, which helps it dissolve the stubborn resin inside your pieces. 

You can use either the juice of a fresh lemon, or those little bottles of lemon juice concentrate that they sell at the grocery store…both work fine!  

And bonus, it leaves behind a lovely, fresh lemony scent to enjoy in your next sesh!  🙌🍋

Step 1: You know the drill—remove your bowl & pour out the used water from your bong.

Step 2: You’ll need two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of coarse material—rice, baking soda, and coarse salt all work—dealer’s choice! Plus half a cup of LUKEWARM water. 

Step 3: Add this same cleaning mixture to a plastic bag, and soak your bong bowl while you finish cleaning your bong.

Step 4: Pour the cleaning mixture into your bong’s main chamber. Then, block off the downstem and the mouthpiece with your hands, cotton balls, or fabric scraps.

Step 5: Do the Clean Your Bong Dance! 🕺Shake the vase vigorously, in all directions, to loosen and dissolve the resin build up. Shake the plastic bag with your pipe, too.

The pipe is often the dirtiest part of the bong, so don’t neglect it! Really get into the rhythm when you shake it up.

Step 6: Then, let the mixture marinate inside your bong & bowl for at least five minutes. Even better, soak them both overnight if you can!

Step 7: Rinse out your bong & bowl thoroughly with LUKEWARM water to avoid cracking.

And remember, steer clear of that dishwasher.


There we have it—3+ ways you can Spring Clean your bongs in a pinch with everyday, all-natural household items!

And just look at the Before & After! She's like new again! 😭

Doreen's Vintage Murano Glass My Bud Vase Bong Before Cleaning and After

Cleaning your bong doesn’t have to take forever, and you certainly don’t need tons of expensive or harsh cleaning supplies to do it either. Why not make this routine maintenance of your favorite pieces fun…and for heaven’s sakes, let it be easy!! Because it is.

If you want to get really fancy with your technique, a simple little pipe brush is a huge upgrade that will help you reach any stubborn residue inside your downstem and bowl. 

We’ve got just the one, so you can scrub in style. 😉

Give your pieces a quick clean once a week, or every 10-12 bowl packs, and you’ll be keeping your My Bud Vase collection 💯

And don’t forget to change that bong water after every sesh! Just a quick dump & rinse can work wonders.

Unless you’re using Piece Water, a bong water alternative that keeps your vase cleaner in between scrubs….for up to 40 sessions!! Don’t sleep on this stuff, it’s pure magic!

Happy cleaning, friends! 🫧💕



Check out our brand new Ultimate Guide to Bong Cleaning! Whether you've got a glass bong, ceramic bong, hand pipe, or chillum, we've got all the tips & tricks you need to keep your pieces sparkling clean—quickly & easily!

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