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The My Bud Vase™ Story


Driven by a desire to elevate and normalize the consumption experience, Founder, Doreen Sullivan, works closely with her team to create a dynamic cannabis lifestyle and product line of luxury vase bongs.
We stand passionately behind our views on cannabis, and believe in the ability to positively influence the attitudes towards cannabis use through artistry, inspiration, and evolution. We are on a mission to end cannabis prohibition by using our vases to raise awareness and funds for important cannabis causes.

We make every decision based on our core values:

  • We honor the creative process in its entirety

  • We obsessively create and invent artistic products and solutions

  • We seek the divine connection in all things

  • We believe in making brave choices

  • We believe in the power of cannabis and the spirit of femininity

  • We value authentic partnerships

  • We live to inspire creativity in others

  • We stand up for injustice

  • We trust our intuition




It all started with Doreen’s final “Hide the Bong Dance” in 2015. We know you have all been there; you just finished smoking a bowl and you hear a knock at the door… uh oh! Time to scramble and hide the evidence!

During this dance, Doreen hid her bong amongst her vases in her home, and it just so happened that she set her heady bong next to a flower vase with a similar shape. It was at that moment, she wondered why she had been smoking out of something so ugly and phallic for so long. Voilà! My Bud Vase was born, and Doreen Sullivan, career creative, became obsessed with reinventing paraphernalia, especially for women and sophisticated consumers. 

It started with going to estate sales and curating our one-of-a-kind Artisan Vases, which we still make today, and has bloomed into our Signature Collection. We’re smoking made beautiful, and we prefer to use a flower to chisel away at the ugly, negative stigmas associated with cannabis use.




Doreen Sullivan, not just an Entrepreneur but an ULTRAPRENEUR. A career creative, Doreen is no amateur when it comes to designing products. Before making vases (ok, bongs), to consume your flowers (ok, weed), she was the Founder and CEO of Post No Bills; an award-winning entertainment marketing agency whose client list includes recognizable brands such as Dreamworks, Disney, ESPN and the US Olympic Committee to name a few.

A creative genius, marketing guru, master product developer, and cannabis activist; she’s not just the CEO and Founder of 1 company, but 3 (maybe 4... she just can’t stop!) She’s Creativity in Motion and fun to watch Bloom BIG. Follow her at @doreen_sullivan_ on Instagram.



We know your home is your sanctuary, and when it comes to cannabis sometimes discretion is necessary, so we design our vases to be easily hidden in plain sight. You’re welcome. 😉  We create these works of art with you in mind. Each of our vases has its own personality, so pick the one that suits your style and enjoy it daily. 



“Buying a bong feels like buying artwork from your company” unknown

“I was just gifted a beautiful bud vase from my brothers. I’m literally obsessed. I keep it on my dresser and admire it when I'm not using it.” @poopie_77

“I love that piece with a passion! It feels like it was made for me! Thank you so much! @nickisix15

“All of these pieces are absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen pieces so ornate and gorgeous. I never thought I'd see so many pieces that capture my aesthetic so perfectly!” @thee.fatbaker





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