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13 Essentials for Cannamoms: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

13 Essentials for Cannamoms: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This blog is for all the cannamoms out there! And for the kids that want to support their mother’s consumption.

More and more, Moms are realizing they are not alone in this journey of incorporating cannabis into their lives…

And hallelujah! It’s becoming more & more common to see moms out here advocating for their choice to consume for healthier and happier lives—for themselves and their families!

((Never heard the term before? A cannamom is simply a mom who consumes cannabis to enhance her own wellbeing and be a better parent!))

 Doreen Sullivan smiling with her children holding my bud vase bongs

 If you don’t already know, I’m a Cannamom who had to hide my consumption from my children while raising them in a prohibition state, so this blog is near and dear to my heart. 

In fact, the creation of My Bud Vase is the direct result of having to hide my consumption for decades—and finally pivoting from the daily shame of consuming cannabis to CELEBRATING how it can actually help us to be better, more present parents! 🎉

After all, if Mom-Wine culture can be normalized (considering alcohol is so not good for you), then why can’t consuming a healing plant be celebrated?!?

So let’s help Momma out! Here are 13 essential gifts for all the cannamoms out there this Mother’s Day.


Cannabis Education for Mom & Kids

Cannabis education for mom and kids

1. The Root Family’s Very Special Garden by Mskindness B. Ramirez 

Price: $27

Why Mom Needs it:

A children’s book about weed? Absolutely, and we are here for it!  🙌  Mskindness helps us to open up a whole world of conversation with our kids…

Not only does she teach kids the nuts and bolts of cultivation, but she also explains the way weed works—from the endocannabinoid system to medicine making!

There’s even a glossary at the end with all the cool new words you’ll discover, making this a great reference guide for kids and adults alike!

2. The ABCs of CBD by Shira Adler

Price: $15

Why Mom Needs It:

Talking to your kids about the buds & the bees can be a confusing mess. Where do you even start?

Shira Adler takes us through the in’s and out’s—all the way from headlines to history. She breaks it all down into something kids can understand and enjoy! Now if only it would teach them how to clean their rooms… 😉

3. The Ultimate Guide to Cannabinoids Ebook by The Cannabis Cutie

Price: $29.99

Why Mom Needs It:

Tammy Pettigrew, MBA—though you may know her as The Cannabis Cutie on Instagram—is a cannabis advocate & educator….and a cannamom herself!

Her ebook on the basics of cannabis plant science is perfect for helping moms to understand how to use cannabis for overall wellness.

It’s also a perfect tool for teaching older children about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. (Plus it comes with a fun crossword puzzle & coloring book pages!)


4. Blunt Blowin’ Mama "Moms Who Smoke Weed" Shirt

Price: $25

Why Mom Needs It:

Say it louder for the people in the back. Moms who smoke weed are not bad moms! 👏

Make a statement, crush the stigma! This shirt is a great way to start conversations and help educate others about how weed can help you to be a more present, patient mom.

That’s been Shonitria’s story (cannamom & creator of these incredible shirts). Check this out, as well as her other statement-making fashion pieces!


For Consuming Cannabis Discreetly 

Gifts to help cannamoms smoke discretely

5. Stashlogix Box

Price: $45

Why Mom Needs It:

Every cannamom needs a place for her weed! And Stashlogix really thought of everything with this one….

Not only is this box cute, compact & easy to carry wherever you go, it’s secure! With a built-in 3-digit programmable combination lock. 🔒 Ensuring that the little ones (or curious teens) can’t get into Mom’s stash.

It also locks the scent away with activated carbon inside, so no one is the wiser!

6. My Bud Vase

Price: $80-$300

Why Mom Needs It:

Mom needs a new bong!! And if she needs to be discreet, we’ve got her covered.

In fact, we’ve got styles for every room in the house, and every type of Cannamom, too! From the lovers of fine china to the lovers of weed!

Not sure what style your mom prefers? Grab her a gift card instead. Shopping, done!

7. Pot~Pourri Spray & Candle

Price: $8.00, $20.00

Why Mom Needs It:

Every cannamom needs to spark up in private now & then, and that means hiding the weed smoke odor.

You’ve got a few options (here’s seven ways to hide your smell), but the best way to spark up without a trace is this dynamic duo that keeps your smell from telling on you. 

The spray makes a great addition to the Stashlogix Box. Or maybe mom prefers the gorgeous ambiance that a lovely candle adds to her sesh. Either way, this duo will help you light up without fear of leaving a trace!


Self-Care & Family Wellness 

 Gifts for self care and family wellness


8. Buena Botanicals CBD Elixir & Face Cream

Price: $66.50

Why Mom Needs It: 

Why doesn’t mom need this duo? This hand-harvest, full spectrum, organic CBD Elixir is one of my absolute faves…and just look at this gorgeous face & body cream!

An incredible fragrance? Check. Heals and restores? Check. Moisturizes your skin with the same cannabis that rejuvenates your soul? Check!!

And for a bonus treat, their CBD bath bombs are truly magical. Perfect for healing your body and cleaning your spirit (or cleaning those dirty rascals we call kids). 😉 

9. Revelry Cannabis Products for Menopausal Mommas

Price: Varies by dispensary (but we say it’s $-Priceless-$)

Why Mom Needs It:

For the menopausal or perimenopausal mommas out there…RUN, don’t walk to pick up some Revelry. You won’t catch me anywhere without it!

Their Day Capsules are game changers for staying sharp (but calm, cool & collected) whatever comes your way throughout the day—while the Night Capsules always have me sleeping like a baby. 💤

And don’t even get me started on the CBD Intimacy Oil! It’s soothing, moisturizing, and oh-so-perfect for mom’s special “relaxation” time.  😅

10. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil by Synchronicity

Price: $45.99–$99.00

Why Mom Needs It:

My personal favorite! A great tasting, hemp oil that’s professional grade, relaxes muscles, and promotes overall wellness!

The clean, quality ingredients are what set this CBD oil apart—not only do they use the whole plant instead of just the flowers (Hello, Entourage Effect!), but they hand-press it with organic coconut oil!

And it comes in peppermint or berry lemonade flavors, too, which makes the medicine go down even smoother. Yum! 😋

Cannabis In the Kitchen

Gifts for Cannabis in the Kitchen

11. Ardent FX Portable Canna-Kitchen

Price: $299.00

Why Mom Needs It:

We all know that a lil tasty treat can make homework & soccer practice fun instead of frustrating! Making edibles yourself has literally never been easier with this Portable Canna-Kitchen from Ardent.

This user-friendly, compact, and portable appliance brings the kitchen wherever you go—it can decarb, infuse, bake, and cook all-in-one. Clean up is a breeze, too! This thing is a slam dunk…do mom a favor, just buy it.

12. Hemp-Infused Olive Oil from Charleston Hemp Collective

Price: $39

Why Mom Needs It:

Ditch the ho-hum olive oils! It’s 2023, and cannamoms who love to cook need the best ingredients. Enter Charleston Hemp Collective’s cold-pressed, full-spectrum, hemp-infused olive oil to take mom’s cooking to the next level!

It’s an easy and oh-so-tasty way to make CBD part of mom’s and little one’s diets without having to fight anyone to take it from a dropper. Genius!


13. Hemp Spice Sampler from Culinary Cannabis

Price: $20

Why Mom Needs It:

Come with me on a Tour de Hemp! This spice sampler from Chef Mary is a must-have for cannamoms—even ones that don’t like to cook can benefit from this set.

Just sprinkle these bad boys onto anything to make it instantly tastier, and more nutritious, thanks to the wonders of organic hemp! The Hemp Everything Bagel Spice is my personal favorite. Sure to wake up your taste buds in the morning! 

We hope this CannaMom Gift Guide helps you find the gifts for that special, motherly person in your life!  

Speaking of life, it’s been hard lately for many of us, including the My Bud Vase family. We lost our team member, Austin, who we loved and cared for daily. 

Thank you cannabis community for the amazing support you have sent our way during this difficult time. We see you and we are beyond grateful. 

Rest in Paradise, Austin. 

To support his family, you can make a contribution to Austin’s GoFundMe

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