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How to Throw a Cannabis Garden Party: 5 Tips for an Enchanting Summer Weed Party

How to Throw a Cannabis Garden Party: 5 Tips for an Enchanting Summer Weed Party

The sun is shining and temperatures are rising! 

Summer is here, and there’s no better way to take advantage of the gorgeous weather than with a cannabis garden party.

Truly, is there anything better in life than lighting up in the green grass on a sunny afternoon with people you love?

We didn’t think so either…

That’s why we put together this guide brimming with tips for throwing the perfect cannabis-infused summer soiree.

As someone that’s owned a successful event marketing agency for decades, let’s just say I’ve planned a few parties. 😉 And let me tell you, the devil is in the details!

I packed this blog with all the little things you will not want to forget & that will ensure your weed party is on-trend and unforgettable.

Let’s get started, shall we!


How To Throw A Weed Party


1. Set the Mood

Decor, lighting, and music set the tone for your soiree. 

One of our favorite ways to add that enchanted garden ambiance…candles! Lots and lots of candles. And there’s no better candle for the occasion than Pot-Pourri

It not only smells amazing, it also minimizes cannabis smoke odors—keeping your venue fresh throughout the festivities.

Another lighting option we love is a string of weed lights. These whimsical twinkle lights are cute af, and offer that serene, low-light glow that only twinkle lights can offer.

Paper lanterns aren’t just affordable—they look incredible when hung from trees or inside tents…they’re the quintessential garden party decor item! Get creative with where you hang them (groups of 3-4 clustered together look best) and watch it transform your event.

Last but not least, don’t even think about throwing a weed party without these wreaths & garlands from Dankorations! They are classy, understated, and bring that lush, green garden vibe. We are obsessed!

Oh, and one last detail: you’ve gotta nail the playlist! What’s a party without music? 

We love this garden party playlist we found on Spotify!

P.S. Don’t forget to provide shade for your guests, whether it’s umbrellas, a tent, or shade sails. It can be easy to forget, but don’t let the sun ruin your guests’ fun!


2. Create Your Munchies Menu

You can’t have a cannabis garden party—or any weed party for that matter—without some tasty treats to curb the after-smoke munchies.

We recommend partnering with a cannabis chef to create something special. There are many talented culinary cannabis entrepreneurs wanting to share their creations! 

If you can’t find any then go straight to the classic garden party fare, like cucumber & cream cheese finger sandwiches. 

But don’t forget to offer up some sugary snacks for your guests with sweet tooths!

Delicate french macarons and a tray of fruits, cheeses, and edible flowers are not only supremely delicious & easy to munch on (we’re getting hungry just thinking about it!) 🤤….they create a stunning display with all the colors of the rainbow! 🌈

Garnish your platters with a few hemp leaves to create a cohesive look, and you’ve officially nailed your menu.

Since this is a weed party afterall, you might also choose to offer THC- or CBD- infused goodies. Your guests will appreciate you making available another consumption option outside of smoking! 

Just be sure to label all infused treats with the mg per serving!! ⚠️

Which brings us to your beverage selection. Dry bars have been trending for a while now, and there’s no better place to explore alternatives to alcoholic drinks than at a cannabis party!

We LOVE these alcohol-free, CBD-infused beverages from High Rise drinks. They offer the refreshment of seltzer with the calm of cannabis. What more could you want!

P.S. Don’t forget to have lots of water on hand, too. It’s summer—and people are consuming—which means they will get hot & thirsty. 


3. Get Growing

It wouldn’t be a garden party without a lush landscape in full bloom!

Once you choose your venue—or the spot in your own garden where you’ll be hosting—try to plan your event for when you know the plants there will be blooming.

If you don’t have many blooming plants around, you can always pick up a few potted plants or bouquets from your local farmer’s market to enhance the aesthetic!

While we love show-stopping blooms like peonies & roses, why not also decorate with the star of the show? The cannabis plant herself! 💚🍃

Grow It From Home mails you live hemp plants for your garden—and because they’re low THC hemp, they’re totally legal! 

These botanical beauties take your venue to a new level, and really drive the theme home in a unique & unexpected way.


4. Create the Ultimate CannaBar

Every cannabis party needs a CannaBar where your guests can indulge in their consumption method of choice!

Offer an array of “flowers” for your friends to choose from, plus a variety of ways to enjoy their bud. 

We recommend that you put any dry cannabis flower in jars & label them with as much detail as possible.

If you can get your hands on more than just THC percentages, like the chemovar profile, then print them on some cute card stock and display it for your guests! 

This allows them to choose between high or low THC strains AND different terpene profiles—and we all know that the terps really affect the high!

If you really want to go all out, you might even consider hiring a professional budtender for the afternoon to help your guests make their selections…without overdoing it!

It’s also essential to offer up smoking supplies, like rolling papers, blunt wraps, and cones. These gorgeous floral cones from Beautiful Burns are absolutely stunning!  

((Fun Fact: My Bud Vase was the inspiration for these rolling papers as the owner thought if bongs could now be so beautiful…why not papers!!))

Grinders and rolling trays will come in handy too, and our Woodland Trio Set looks great in the garden and matches the trees with its bark edges.  

And of course, you don’t want to forget to have a few water pipes available for your guests to enjoy!!

Might we suggest our TocaCabana creatively placed on your tablescapes? As with all of our vases, the ability to use them as decor is half the fun. 😉


TocaCabana My Bud Vase Makes The Perfect Addition To Cannabis Party Tablescapes


5. Prepare for Pests 

This one is so easy to forget about…until it ruins your event! But when you have food & friends galore, it won’t be long before mosquitos, flys, and other unwanted pests appear. 

To keep your guests bite-free, be sure to have a few bottles of bug repellent handy. We love this all-natural blend from Kinfield.

Your food needs to be protected, too! Display your snacks in covered cake stands, like these, to keep bugs at bay. And bonus, they look cute on your table!

Finally, don’t forget your drinks. These mason jar lids with straw holes not only fit the garden party aesthetic perfectly, they also keep winged friends from flying into your beverages.

We hope this guide helps you elevate all your summer celebrations! 

There’s nothing better than bringing family & friends together to enjoy the summer flowers and celebrate the love we share in our budding cannabis community.

Got some weed party ideas of your own? Tag us on Instagram & tell us how you plan to throw the ultimate cannabis summer party!

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