*Pinch us* We Are Featured In Surface, The Global Contemporary Design Magazine

The title says it all:

You're an Adult, and Your Next Bong Will Look Like a Peacock

A new wave of cannabis accessories blend style and discretion.

Doreen Sullivan’s My Bud Vase line, a collection of dual-purpose bongs that double as vases, seeks to place a formerly stigmatized practice on the credenza alongside the aromatherapy candles and Heath plates. “People needed to enjoy smoking cannabis in their homes and bongs got the job done but they weren’t pretty, discreet or easy to conceal,” Sullivan says. “I wanted to make them an art piece.”  

We can't believe we are featured in the fabulous Surface Mag! Surface magazine is dedicated to global contemporary design and cannabis accessories for the home are the trend to look for in 2019! 

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