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U.S. Woman-Owned Artisan Bong Company, My Bud Vase™ Wins the Canadian Cannabis Award for 'Top Bong'

U.S. Woman-Owned Artisan Bong Company, My Bud Vase™ Wins the Canadian Cannabis Award for 'Top Bong'

CHARLESTON, S.C., Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Canadian cannabis market is exploding and on the heels of Canadagoing recreationally legal, My Bud Vase™, the cannabis lifestyle brand and makers of the original vase bong, was voted 'Top Bong' at the Lift & Co. Canadian Cannabis Awards (CCA) Thursday night in Toronto.

"I'm so grateful to be recognized in the Canadian market and to be growing internationally with my products and brand. The outpouring of love my team and I are seeing is beyond expectations and I can't wait to see what 2019 holds for us," said Doreen Sullivan, Founder, and Designer of My Bud Vase™.

A lifestyle innovator and career creative, Doreen brings bongs that are discrete and beautiful to the market. The artisan bongs combine floral, form, and function perfect for everyday home decor. Based in Charleston, S.C., her company features a wide array of vintage and decorative vases that they repurpose and manufacture into luxury smoking accessories as well as artfully designed Signature Collections. 

"Through My Bud Vase™, I'm bringing much-needed expertise in creativity, sourcing, and manufacturing to the emerging cannabis industry," said Doreen, "Women deserve a stylish and comfortable tool to consume legal cannabis."

My Bud Vase™ fulfills a niche recently identified by Bloomberg news. In an article they reported, "The industry has adapted its product offerings to the needs of targeted markets like women, who may prefer beauty and wellness products."

The My Bud Vase™'s lifestyle brand, My Bud Life, has started a cultural shift in at-home consumption for cannabis users. The legendary cannabis activist and entrepreneur Steve DeAngelo agrees. He recently said of Doreen, "Your works of art are things of beauty--- and potently de-stigmatizing. Well done."

Proudly displayed or hidden in plain sight, My Bud Vase™ is smoking made beautiful. This product is embraced by women in the cannabis space but enjoyed by male consumers as well because there's a vase for every face. My Bud Vase™ has also been selected by as a recommended gift for the 2018 holiday season.

For more information visit, on Instagram, or at Basel House during Miami's Art Basel Week 2018.

For press inquiries or interviews please contact 18Pr Pro.

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