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5 Tips for Your Cannabis-Infused Big Game Bash

5 Tips for Your Cannabis-Infused Big Game Bash

The 2023 SuperBowl is this Sunday and it’s sure to be one for the history books! And not just because of Rihanna’s much-anticipated Halftime show.

For the first time ever, the SuperBowl is being held in a legal cannabis market—Arizona—which means that Glendale, AZ is about to get lit. It’s about damn time!

This milestone signifies a shift in how we view cannabis and its place in society. The stigma surrounding cannabis use is crumbling, and giving way to a new normal where we can all start enjoying on-site consumption together.

As someone that has worked extensively in both the sports & cannabis industries, I am thrilled to see these two worlds merge.

So you better believe I’m going to the Super Bowl… again! 

Super Bowl LVII will actually be the 6th time I’m at the Big Game, however, this time it won’t be all fun and games. 

We have some serious work to do, helping the Gridiron Greats—be sure to read til the end so you can help make a difference too!

Since I won’t be throwing a party at home in Charleston this year, I’m sharing some cannabis-infused tips & passing the torch (pun intended) to you, darling!   

Here’s my 5 ways to incorporate cannabis into your Big Game Party…

Founder Doreen Smiling At a Party With Coyote Bud Vase Bong 



Why serve cold subs, when you can serve hot sandwiches….with a 420 twist!

In honor of these two teams, serve up Burnt End Sandwiches—a KC favorite—and Philly Cheese Steaks. If you’ve never had burnt ends, you’ll thank me. 🤤

Take it to another level by using cannabis cooking elements like infused oils, butter, or spices.

Just be sure you’re keeping track of the total mgs per serving!

Not in a legal state? Try using hemp seed oil when cooking to enjoy some of the plant’s health benefits.



Beer and the Big Game typically go together like….me and vase bongs!  

But this year, it’s time to ditch the hangovers and switch to a new elevation. 

I am loving the new Delta-CBD Seltzers hitting shelves—HighRise is one of my favorites. Check your local stores to see if they stock them, they’re all the rage right now!



Set the tone for your party with festive splashes of color. Will your house be awash with Red & Gold….or Green, Silver & Black?

My favorite way to tie themed-decor in with your consumption is with hemp cones in team colors. 

Beautiful Burns has all the colors under the rainbow, and fun patterns too!

You could also opt for a bong that captures the essence of the city hosting the event. 

Might we recommend our Coyōté bud vase? There’s nothing more Arizona than that! 😉



At halftime, encourage everyone to pack a “super” sized bowl into their pipe or bong. 

Then you can all take a collective hit while enjoying the halftime musical legend, Rihanna. 

Rihanna herself is a known cannabis enthusiast, so we’re confident she’d love knowing everyone’s smoking a celebratory bowl during her set!



This year, some incredible leaders in the cannabis industry are coming together to be a force of good, and we are honored to join them. 

Did you know that NFL athletes who retired prior to 1993 do not have essential resources, like an adequate retirement plan or health insurance? 

They often lack access to medicinal cannabis, too.

This leaves many of the former athletes & their families in need…and in pain!

That’s where we come together to change this game of life and help these players with the resources they desperately need.

The My Bud Vase team is supporting the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund by sponsoring their Celebrity Golf Classic on February 10th.

Presented by our friends at Cannabis Talk 101, Revenant & Farechild Events, it’s the first-ever cannabis-friendly charity event supporting athletes!

We are passionate about this mission and stand with Jim McMahon, celebrated NFL quarterback and two-time Superbowl Champion in sending a message to the NFL, and other sports organizations, who fail to recognize cannabis for medicinal purposes.

How can you help? Set up a laptop or iPad where your guests can donate on their website throughout the party!

You can also help raise awareness by sharing their website with guests:

Or treat yourself to a new My Bud Vase because we’re donating $20.00 from every vase purchased to the Gridiron Greats starting this Friday through Sunday, February 12th!

The 2023 Super Bowl is shaping up to be an iconic event, and it's a great opportunity to promote the destigmatization of cannabis by including it into your party. 

Hope you enjoy these tips and your Big Game Cannabis Bash!

How will you infuse cannabis into your party plans? Send me a DM and tell me about it!

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