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Cannabis New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2023! The new year is here, and with it comes the opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate and new resolutions. 

If you're a fan of cannabis culture, there are plenty of ways you can improve your relationship with weed this year and create ripples of positive change across the cannabis industry!


Here are our 10 New Year’s resolution ideas to get you started:


1. Support Women in Cannabis

Not only are women growing cannabis, they’re also creating new products to introduce cannabis to the mainstream—and having fun doing it!

Like our dear friend Lauren of KushKards, who's cute and clever stationary line is blazing into retail shops all across America. Send one to a friend with a sweet note to make their day!

2. Clean Your Pieces

If you're a regular cannabis consumer, you know how important it is to keep your pipes, bongs, and other smoking devices clean. Not only does it make for a better smoking experience, but it's also healthier for your lungs.

One of our favorite ways to keep your piece pristine is with Piece Water—have you tried it?

3. Grow a Cannabis Plant

There's nothing quite like the feeling of growing your own cannabis. It's a rewarding experience that not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, but also allows you to have complete control over the quality of your cannabis.

Not in a 420 friendly state? No worries, you can still partake—check out Grow It From Home for CBD & Hemp plant seedling kits.

4. Microdose Your Workouts

Cannabis and exercise may seem like an unlikely pair, but microdosing can actually enhance your workouts. It can improve your focus, motivation, and even help with recovery.

Take it a step further and let your love for cannabis be known with your gym apparel! These high fashion items from White Buffalo might be just the motivation you need to be more active in 2023. 

5. Learn How to Cook with Weed

The choices for cannabis infused options are exploding. Consuming weed offers a more subtle, longer-lasting high—from oils to edibles, there’s something for everyone’s palette.

Plus, ingesting cannabis offers an array of health benefits. CBD Chef Mary knows her stuff, try her spices or take some pointers from her cookbook.

Looking for something more “ready to eat”? Check out Franny’s Farmacy’s amazing new line of hemp pasta.

6. Teach a Senior about the Benefits of Cannabis

Many seniors are turning to cannabis for relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and other conditions. If you have a senior in your life, consider teaching them about the potential benefits of weed or direct them to Realm of Caring where they can talk directly with a licensed care specialist about everything from dosing to dispensaries.

Also, since many seniors experience body aches and pains, they can benefit from a good 1000mg Pain Relief Cream, such as this set from TribeTokes!

7. Learn How to Roll a Joint…or Blunt!

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, if you want to call yourself a cannabis expert, you need to master the art of rolling a perfect joint. If you’re new to the cannabis community, it’s the perfect place to start.

Tammy Pettigrew, The Cannabis Cutie, knows a thing or two and has content that can teach you all the steps to rolling the perfect blunt. And she’ll teach you a thing or two about plant science while she’s at it!

8. Support a Cannabis Prisoner

Unfortunately, there are still many people serving time in prison for non-violent cannabis offenses.

You can support them by donating to organizations that provide legal assistance, like Last Prisoner Project, or by writing letters to let them know they're not alone.

9. Start a Cannabis Skincare Routine

Cannabis has been shown to have potential benefits for the skin, including reducing inflammation and promoting cell growth.

Consider incorporating cannabis-infused skincare products into your routine in the new year. One of our favorite brands is Lord Jones.

10. Get a New Bong

You know what they say: New Year, New Bong! Adding a new piece of cannabis art to your collection can elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

Shop our selection of Signature & Artisan Vases—you’re sure to find one aligned with your 2023 vibe!


The new year is the perfect time to find new ways to enjoy cannabis and improve your relationship with weed.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or trying cannabis for your first time in 2023, there's always something to learn and discover in the magical world of weed!

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