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Come Home to Cannabis

Come Home to Cannabis

As of October 2022, 19 states currently allow for personal consumption of marijuana, while 37 states allow medical usage. The recreational cannabis industry generated $15 billion in 2021 — a figure that is on target to surpass $25 billion by 2025, according to Statista. 

As more and more states legalize and normalize our beloved plant, our homes often act as havens for our cannabis lifestyles. The My Bud Vase mission is to create a world for you that is filled with artistry, inspiration, and the joyful evolution of modern-day consumption. 

Whether displayed proudly or used discreetly, My Bud Vase was created to simplify your life, beautify your home, and be shared with your friends. 


Tips on Enhancing Your Space with Home Decor 

Firstly, outfitting your home to align with your consumption habit can be a tricky balance to achieve. We designed our vases to fit seamlessly into your home decor. No matter what room you choose for your consumption, a My Bud Vase can always be within reach, but also out of sight. 

Furthermore, beyond having the perfect cute bong available whenever you need it, there are a few simple home decor tips that can drastically improve and enhance your home space

  • Create a Space Dedicated Solely to Relaxation  

    No work is invited here! Create a space that gives your mind a break from the everyday hustle. This could be a lounge chair by your favorite window, a cozy corner with a bookshelf full of your favorite reads, or a setup that could inspire any artist to go crazy with paint or sketches.  

    • Find Your Light  

    Lighting also makes a huge difference in any room or space. Aside from the various styles and shapes of light fixtures available to compliment your home decor, lighting can help enhance or inspire feelings and functions. 

    For instance, a dimly lit room creates a more subdued, relaxing, and private tone compared to full-spectrum spotlights that may bring more active energy and attention to your space. 

    Consider the type of mood or vibe you’re going for in a particular part of your room, and use different levels of lighting to create a personally unique space. 

    • Invite the Outdoors Indoors

    Create the essence of houseplants and floral bouquets as a home statement centerpiece for your space. A few thoughtfully placed houseplants can bring a breath of fresh air to any corner of your home. 

    Worried about wilted flower petals or neglected plants? Don’t stress it — My Bud Vase’s wide collection of flower vase bongs comes with a curated faux bouquet of beautiful flowers to compliment your smoking piece while elevating your home decor.



    My Bud Vase: Transforming Any Room into a Floral Oasis 

    At My Bud Vase, we believe beautiful design should be highly functional. This is why each  flower bong vase comes with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that doubles as a bowl poker and allows your cute bong to be hidden in plain sight: 


    • In the kitchen, next to the special occasion dinnerware, sits Joy

    • On the bathroom shelf, you might find the Mermaid bong, ready to relax and unwind your mind as you slip into a bubble bath. 


    • Stardust, a Crystal and Gold decanter, pairs perfectly on the bar cart and immediately elevates your favorite cocktail glass. 


    • On the vanity sits Vamp, ready to help you “get your Vamp on” and dress up for the night. 


  • Our customer favorite, Love Bud, blends in with your plant babies, completing the perfect oasis.

    You get the idea! Each of our artisan flower bong vases are beautifully designed as inspiring home decor — to elevate any corner of your home — and bring Flower Power to your day! 

    Follow us on Instagram for the latest collection updates & product launches! Plus, be sure to share your own home decor inspiration with us on social media!

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