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Connecting Cannabis & Spirituality with Our 'Signature' Collection: Coyote

Connecting Cannabis & Spirituality with Our 'Signature' Collection: Coyote

As seasons begin to shift and change, we find ourselves going through our own unique transformations. From the stresses of work to personal hardships with loved ones, now is the time to clear your headspace and get grounded into the season. 

For many, this includes deepening the exploration of spirituality and cannabis. For centuries, the plant has had an inspirational influence on religions and sacred rituals. Even today, intuitive guides and spiritual practices include inspiration from the plant. 

At My Bud Vase, our Artisan and Signature collections of flower bongs for sale all serve to help find a grounding connection to you and cannabis. 

With growth and expansion ahead for us this fall season, find ways to connect your spirituality with cannabis and create an environment that brings you peace and harmony. 


Exploring Rituals with the Cannabis Plant

Like with every other plant we turn to for herbal and alternative wellness, cannabis is a spiritual tool. This sacred plant is known to be an entheogen - a chemical substance of plant origin that is used to produce a state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes. 

Dissertations of Ancient Chinese medicine from 2800 BCE include recipes with cannabis and hash. The Vedic literature of Hinduism curated ancient sacred compositions with poetic chants praising the honoring of a beverage called ‘Soma’ - a concoction known to include cannabis, as well as a crucial element of these sacramentals and rituals. 

Today, the plant continues to hold a sacred space in modern day spirituality among the plethora of its discovered health and therapeutic benefits.

Cannabis is woven into yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices in order to bring the mind to a more peaceful balance. Other sacred spiritual rituals (such as those around the new or full moon) often have cannabis and other herbal remedies incorporated.  

Creating a Sacred Space with Cannabis 

Focusing on your intention regarding the consumption of cannabis is a great way to establish a foundation with the plant and how you want it to influence and enhance your life. 

Set an intention, clear your mind, and make it clear why you want to work with the plant and what you want out of your experience. 

Think of it this way — you certainly wouldn’t go into a meditation practice or a spiritual ritual without setting a clear intention. The same mindset should go for cannabis as well.

Considering the many unique methods of consumption that allow us to explore our connection with this incredible plant, your smoking pieces and accessories should contribute to the sacred energy and passion you bring into your ritual. 


Coyōté Relaunch & Celebrating the Harvest Moon

Our Signature Collection of flower vase bongs includes pieces that are hand-selected with the intent of spiritual guidance and sacred moments with the plant. 

Of these pieces, one of our personal My Bud Vase favorites is back! 

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of Coyōté. Originally launched at the Midnight Moonlight Event in Joshua Tree in 2018, our Coyōté flower bong has always held a dear and sacred place in our hearts. 

Coyōté is a harbinger of change - initiating the importance of connecting cannabis, spirituality, and grounding into our rituals and routines. This year, we’re proud to have just relaunched Coyōté for this month’s full moon. 

September’s full moon, which is also the autumn season’s harvest moon, is predicted to bring on a wave of new beginnings and open the door to spiritual awareness. 

It’s clear that a lot of force and spiritual energy is currently coming to light. Allow the relaunch of our flower vase bong Coyōté to help guide you in your unique and spiritual cannabis journey. 

Let Nature Nurture You with My Bud Vase 

The change of seasons is a time for us to slow down, learn how to get grounded and see where life takes us next. This is an excellent time to connect with the natural world around you through the guidance of the cannabis plant. 

And like the cannabis plant itself, everyone’s sacred and spiritual journey is unique in their own way. Allow these artisan flower vases to help guide you in your unique and personal spiritual journey.

In addition to the relaunch of Coyōté, stay tuned for the latest addition in our collection of artistic vase bongs - a piece designed to help you slow down and let nature guide your course. 

Follow us on Instagram for the latest collection updates & also be sure to share your own spiritual cannabis rituals with us! 

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