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Back-to-School: Legal Cannabis Edition

Back-to-School: Legal Cannabis Edition

Back to school is right around the corner, but studious cannabis lovers aren’t the only ones preparing for this season!

Before the school work and deadlines begin to pile up, learn the latest updates on legalization across the country, where to find marijuana university education, and how My Bud Vase makes it easy for you to hide your flower in plain sight. 


Legal Cannabis in the U.S.

Lately, it seems as if cannabis legalization and laws are progressing at rapid rates. Brands and dispensaries continue to boom with the newest and latest cannabis products, but the subject of cannabis legalization at the federal level is still idling. 

Additionally, many major universities and colleges across the country have established their own restrictions and regulations around cannabis consumption. It’s important to know that these universities operate under Federal Law or have their own bylaws. 

For example, as of 2018, the University of Michigan’s rules regarding cannabis on campus state - 

“U-M must comply with federal laws regarding the possession, distribution and consumption of marijuana, which is still a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substance Act of 1970. In addition, U-M is obligated to follow the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 and prevent the illicit use of drugs and abuse of alcohol by students and employees on U-M property or at university events.”

These new updates and regulations surrounding cannabis can be a bit overwhelming to catch up with, considering each state carries its own individual laws regarding adult-use and medical cannabis consumption. 

  • An additional 9 states have legalized medical use and decriminalized the plant. 
  • States such as Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Utah, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia have legal medical dispensaries but no decriminalization. 
  • Out of the 50 states in the country, only 4 states still hold cannabis completely at an illegal level - South Carolina, Kansas, Idaho, and Wyoming. 

In these states where cannabis is decriminalized or has been legalized for consumption, cannabis has become a more widespread and open activity among communities. 

However, those that still have the lingering risk of getting caught with illegal plants in their state are faced with the challenge of consuming in a discreet and low-key way. 


Where Do I Hide My Cannabis or Hemp Flower?

For decades, cannabis connoisseurs have had to get creative with ways to hide their flower. Not to mention hiding all the pieces and accessories often used in a smoke sesh - your lighter, bud, bowl, bong or smoke piece, and so on! 

This challenge of hiding flower is exactly what gave our owner, Doreen Sullivan, the drive to create My Bud Vase. 

Upon an unexpected visit by a repair man one afternoon, Doreen did her final “hide the bong dance” and hid her bong amongst her flower vases in her home. This ignited the thought of how she could disguise her bong in an efficient yet discreet manner in the comfort of her own home and My Bud Vase® was born. 

Since then, (which was August 2015) the team at My Bud Vase has worked hard to design and manufacture a beautiful collection of signature and artisan flower vase bongs that are discreet and highly functional. 

Considering the learning season approaching, many adult students will find themselves in situations having to be discreet with their bong and cannabis consumption.

By intersecting floral, form and function, our collection of flower vase-bongs is an ideal option for discreet consumption and one less thing to worry about.   


Back-to-School: Cannabis Branding & Education 

Whether you’re a budding cannabis company or a super senior in the industry, it’s important to constantly find ways to challenge yourself and the overall life of your brand.

Ganjapreneur’s article, “What “Back to School” Means for Your Cannabis Brand dissects the idea of your brand being your baby - a baby that you grow and guide throughout its most crucial educational years. 

It discusses how the back-to-school season is an ideal time of the year for brand reflection and strategizing:

“The goal in your brand’s “high school” years is to develop your self-expression and strengthen your relationships with your consumers. This is the most creative yet most challenging place for your brand. Here, your culture thrives and sets the tone for lasting success. How can your brand help take your company to the next level?”

For those inspired to get a higher education in the cannabis industry, here are a few universities and cannabis colleges around the country that are offering education programs and courses:

  • Lake Superior State University 

  • Offers a cannabis chemistry program that is “focusing on the analysis of cannabinoids and terpenes.”  

  • Medgar Evers College, City University of New York 

  • Now has a 13-course cannabis minor program for students to learn science, health, business, and technical aspects of the new industry. 

  • Oaksterdam University 

  • America’s first cannabis college, offering a cross-disciplinary four-year program with over 50,000 alumni. 

  • Green Flower 

  • Online educational platform that provides cannabis education in all aspects of the growing industry. 

    Individuals can earn university certificates and take online courses for everything from cultivation/manufacturing, to business and laws. 

    As school and work routines start to pick back up during this back-to-school season, there’s tons of homework in store for cannabis brands and studious cannabis lovers alike! 


    My Bud Vase: Back-to-School in Style 

    Whether you’re looking to decorate your new study room or add a bit of flair to your office space, our Signature Collection flower vases have a wide variety of unique designs. 

    My Bud Vase’s beautiful flower vase bongs have the benefit of disguising your consumption piece while doubling as an eclectic decoration piece for your space. 

    To get involved in our Flower Power movement & learn about more exciting cannabis updates, check out our blog page! 

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