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Finding Our Optimal Selves: Empowering Women Through Cannabis

Finding Our Optimal Selves: Empowering Women Through Cannabis

In light of recent current events, it is evident women need support and empowerment now more than ever. Women’s rights are being challenged, leaving much of society in a tricky position of feeling defeat and anguish. 

However, even though women’s rights are being reversed, let’s be real - this won’t stop women from making moves.  

As a woman-owned and focused company, we strive to show support and empowerment for women and honor the impact we all have on this flourishing legal cannabis industry. 

Through flower power and the movement of peace, we’re committed to demonstrating the beauty of femininity and the power that comes with it. 


The Evolution of Flower Power 

In spite of these recent current events in our country, women have collectively been making immense strides in today’s society. 

Women-owned businesses are continuing to thrive by offering innovative new brands and products designed for various types of consumers. Brands are also using the power of their product as a platform to promote a message of peace. 

At My Bud Vase, we aim to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘Flower Power.’ This phrase was originally a sign of peace and passiveness coined in the 60s and 70s during the hippie movement.

Today, flower power reflects how a simple change or sign of peace can empower a whole movement. 

“A single flower can change your life,” says founder of My Bud Vase, Doreen Sullivan, in her latest interview for The Emerald Magazine

Doreen explains how one stoned realization to create a functional flower vase led her to growing a million dollar company. Her passion for flowers drove her to create a product/brand that is aligned with peace and love.

“The new meaning of flower power would be about empowerment and the transformation that comes from simple beauty. The true power of a flower can impact the female energy behind it all.” 

At My Bud Vase, this flower power mission includes honoring the simplicity of what a flower can do — not only for this company — but the legal cannabis industry as a whole. 


The Power of Purchase in a Flourishing Industry 

As the emergence of cannabis legalization continues sweeping across states, there is a new transformation of cannabis culture on the rise. 

In the same way the power of the plant makes an influential impact on women, us as women make an impact on the plant. 

Considering women make up half of the global population, they control or influence more than 85% of overall consumer spending. This shows how impactful women can be through the power of purchase. 

According to a Catalyst Data 2020 report, the purchasing power of women in the U.S. ranges from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually. 

More specifically, in the cannabis industry alone, women make up around 34% of the cannabis consumer population. 

With these numbers of women’s consumption trends continually on the rise, the power of purchase grows stronger in its support for women empowerment. 

As an all-woman operated company, we are dedicated to leading the way for positive change while supporting other women through our flower power. 

Each one of our flower vases resembles artistry, inspiration, and evolution for women empowerment. 


Showing Positive Change & Support Through Women in Cannabis Events 

While flowers continue to blossom and activities are celebrated under the summer sunshine, there are two significant first-time events happening this month that our My Bud Vase Founder, Doreen, will be attending. We feel it’s important for female brands to be involved and lead the industry. .

  • Women’s CannaCup 
  • This annual event highlights California women-owned and founded cannabis businesses. Founded by a committee of nine industry veterans, the Women’s CannaCup provides a space for women founders and creators to come together and call attention to the products and brands that female innovators have brought to the legal California cannabis market. 

    The awards ceremony takes place July 24th at 4:20pm at the California State Fair. 
    What’s more, our unique My Bud Vases will be used as the awards for the ceremony! 
  • Women of Champs 
  • In a male dominated industry, the first ever Women of Champs event will be held at Trece in Planet13 on July 26th
    My Bud Vase is looking forward to being apart of the Las Vegas cannabis community!


    My Bud Vase: Empowering Women Through Cannabis

    Especially during what can feel like a troubling time for many women, we're on a mission to do everything we can to show support and peace for all. 

    As women in cannabis continue moving forward, we hope to shine a light of support and inspiration during these challenging times. 

    We are focused on shaping an industry supporting women, not just women supporting women. 

    For this to happen, it will take the empowerment and encouragement of us all to inspire transformation and peace through the flower power movement. 

    As Doreen says: “There’s a vase for every flower.” 

    With this in mind, At My Bud Vase, we are dedicated to celebrating and honoring the complexity and uniqueness of women, similar to that of a flower. 

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