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My Bud Vase: Elevating the Act of Consumption

My Bud Vase: Elevating the Act of Consumption

Let’s be real - we’ve come a long way when it comes to consumption. Way before the intricate glass creations we see today, there were people across the world inhaling the plant in various intricate ways for many purposes. 

Considering the lengthy and complex history of cannabis and the act of consumption, there have been plenty of options and methods explored throughout. At My Bud Vase®, we’re proud to honor the act of consumption through our luxurious offerings. 

In this blog, we’re diving into the different ways to consume and how these methods, as well as our collection of artfully-curated pieces, have been elevated over time. 

An Expanding History of Consumption 

Generally, one of the many rules of thumb with cannabis, is that your ‘ideal sesh’ involves the method of consumption combined with the particular kind of experience you are looking to have. 

Cannabis consumption methods have commonly been categorized as oral, topical, sublingual, or through inhalation - with more and more products flooding the legal market continuously

More specifically, inhalation has become a more popular and widespread solution to cannabis consumption due to the vast amount of smoking tools and accessories on the market. 

Beautifying Consumption with Our Artisan Vases

Of the many high-end smoking accessories that have been presented in the legal cannabis market, water pipes and glass vases have undoubtedly become a classy way to elevate and enhance your smoking experience. Many say that we created this category by being the first company to scale this luxury alternative.

Our intricate collection of Signature and Artisan vases offers the unique and beautiful act of enjoying your cannabis. 

We’ve broken down five elements that represent what “Elevating the Act of Consumption” means to us:

    Through electrifying color and statement-worthy shine, we believe in elevating your cannabis consumption with pieces that have unique finishes and lustrous appeal. 

    Let the luxury and extravagance of smoking be celebrated in your piece. Our Aurora vase is a bold and beautiful water pipe in itself, that includes a luscious purple rose flower poker and peacock feather. 

    There has been tons of divine art and meaning behind some of the practices and consumption methods that revolve around cannabis.

    We offer many harmonious vases that promote these transformative symbols and energy. Our Coyōté is a bud vase of life and the symbol of new birth. With an earthy sort of beauty, this bud vase has a matte painted base and a sand texture cover. 

    A succulent topper poker and bottlebrush flower are included to complete the zen decor.

    We’re on a mission to end Prohibition by adding zest and flair to your cannabis consumption.

    Our Vamp bud vase is a decadent art deco themed black porcelain bubbler that comes with an ostrich feather amulet, a set of rhinestone earrings and a cloisonne poker. With this bud vase, you can advocate your passion for cannabis in historic style and make these 20’s better than those 20’s. 

    Cannabis is known to elevate your mind and body to a journey of bliss, and your piece should do the same!

    Your cannabis journey awaits - the TocaCabana bud vase is here to take you on a blissful journey and tropical cannabis experience. 

    Designed with a beautiful multi-color overglaze, the tropical shades of green and orange give a flavorful guava vibe that will have you feeling the ocean breeze and sunshine in no time.

    A tropical toucan poker and lush foliage decor are included with this adventurous water pipe piece. 

    Of course, in addition to all the great ways to consume cannabis - of utmost importance is doing  so in your own unique style. Illuminate your smoking experience and usher in the age of consumption lounges with our mid-century modern collection of glowingly colorful glass decanters.

    The Jewel Collection is the perfect accent of decor to elevate your consumption experience with our high-end, artistic glass pieces. These bud vases come with  two matching faceted diamond patterned bowls, and a hexagon shaped topper that will surely make this your new favorite chic smoke accessory. 

Elevating Your Experience with My Bud Vase 

At My Bud Vase®, we honor the innovative and artful ways in which the cannabis lifestyles are evolving over time. 

Through our collection of Signature and Artisan  ceramic and glass vases, we also strive to represent the many beautiful ways to elevate your consumption. 

Check out our full list of  Signature and Artisan flower vases to find the perfect piece to pair with your unique cannabis experience. 


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